been so busy

I think about a new post all the time, but haven’t found the motivation. It is very rare and fleeting, much like my urge to exercise. Maddy has been off of school for fall break this month, and we’ve been so busy with fun outings and adventures. We’ve hiked (as much as you can with a two year old), visited museums, pumpkin patched, baked, shopped, beached and art projected to our hearts’ content. 

I’ve been enjoying them with a spoon.

At the beach, I only let Maddy get to get anywhere near the water if I was with her, and held Alice’s sandy hand tightly while she chased the waves. I was sure the ocean would suck them in, and I would only have their memories. I know it’s morbid. And I would have been powerless against a nasty riptide. But sometimes I think, this is what I will think of in the future. What Maddy said about the rainforest exhibit at the museum. How Alice shrieked when we entered the haunted house. 

Sometimes I think about what I don’t remember. I am terrible at preserving memories. I have no scrapbooks, a thread of a blog, hundreds of photos still in my phone. So I feed them overpriced cupcakes, take them to the ocean, and show them everything, hoping they remember.


One response to “been so busy

  1. that was beautiful.

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