art museum with the kids (without heart attack)

The day after Labor Day was a holiday from school for Maddy, so I planned to do a fun trip. I decided to head to the de Young Museum, because it was a free day, and there are a lot of surrounding attractions as well in case the kids (or I) couldn’t stand the museum for long.

The drive up was uneventful: Maddy requesting to listen to For The Kids – she loves Cake’s version of Mahna Mahna – and Alice pointing out all the airplanes as we passed the airport (“they go, fly fly!”). Passing Colma Maddy noticed the rows and rows of headstones and told a rather disrespectful joke. “What do ghosts like to put on their mashed potatoes? GRAVEyyy!” We noted the weather as actually sunny for being in the city. It was a gorgeous day.

The girls were quite good at the museum. This mainly involved keeping Alice strapped down in her stroller, but she didn’t fight too much. I had never been to the new de Young, and was kind of missing the light, marbley interior of the old museum. I find the new exterior ugly, but the inside is nice and dark and cool. I let Maddy borrow the camera and she snapped her way through it. A lot of them were blurry, but there were some pretty good ones:

We also spent time exploring the Japanese Tea Garden next door. Maddy enjoyed using her new art kit and notepad, and Alice played with her “chickens.”

A nice relaxing day! Maddy was so enthusiastic about wanting to sketch “for real!” that I am looking into some drawing classes for her.


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