green gifty goodness

Maddy was invited to the birthday party of a very sweet little classmate. This girl, I’ll call her Cassie, is having an overnight camping trip at a private campground this weekend. Maddy will not be able to make it as her grandparents are coming to visit on the same weekend (and I don’t think I’d be comfortable with it anyway – I don’t know the family at all). But I felt bad about Maddy not being able to go, and wanted to get something for Cassie.

Asking Maddy about her likes and interests didn’t get me anywhere, so I thought I might use camping as a theme. I went to REI and picked up a cute Camelbak bottle (I have one and LOVE it), a mini deck of cards, a little tube of sporty sunblock, a Luna “s’mores” Bar, and a mini carabiner keychain. I put everything in the bottle, topped it off with some colorful curls of ribbon, and wrapped the whole thing in a snappy red bandanna. Maddy made a card and it was done.

Have a great birthday, sweet Cassie!


One response to “green gifty goodness

  1. Best gift giver EVER. That’s you!

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