Carnival Time

I was denied the pleasure of yearly trips to the county fair as a kid. Growing up in San Francisco, and rarely venturing outside of the city, I guess that’s normal. We had the Pumpkin Festival on Clement St, which I don’t think goes on anymore. 

But now I live very close to the San Mateo Expo Center, host of the San Mateo County Fair, and I have to go every August. The food! The rides! The animals! I forgot how expensive it is though, and we were really easy with our cash this time, for some reason. If I by some chance I got to go to some festival or fair as a kid, we might be able to share an ice cream cone, and go one ONE ride (but like the carousel, not the trashy hurricane). We were at the mercy of my prudish, tight mom. I love being an adult for this reason. 

Shane came home a few hours early to beat the crowds, and we were in and out just under three hours. There was money for parking, then to get in, then tickets for the rides ($1 per ticket, each ride 3 to 4 tickets per person), souvenirs, cotton candy, water. We didn’t do the pony ride ($7), or any other food. I *think* we got out of there without spending over a hundred bucks. Eek.

But it was fun, and painless, and the kids had a good time. We got home, walked into the house and Alice promptly and inexplicably whacked the cat with the bag of cotton candy.


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