Why Travel When You Can Go To World Art Camp?

The one thing Maddy really wanted to do this summer was go to art camp. Our rec center offers week-long “camps” in different subjects, including Art in Action, an awesome program that teaches art history, culture, and technique in schools throughout the bay area. I didn’t want to load up our short 5 week summer break with a bunch of classes, so this was the one thing I scheduled in. 

Apparently Maddy didn’t realize or remember that it isn’t a class, it’s a camp, which means 3 hours a day. She also thought it would last all summer (it IS a “summer” camp), not just a week. But she is really enjoying the projects, which are especially cool because it focuses on a continent a day. Today was Africa, yesterday Asia, and tomorrow will be North America. There are Australia and South America as well, but no Europe?! Anyway…

Maddy\'s "African" mask

"African" mask

Alice had to be "hannahed" too

Alice had to be "hannahed" too

So, it gets her out of the house, and we get to keep all of this fabulous loot!



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