This past week has been rough, with Maddy “graduating” kindergarten, and forgetting to go to work one night, and whatnot. I have spent the last two days nursing my wounds from some kind of emotional upheaval of sorts. My healing/distraction has been in the form of two little blondes, one who is up earlier in the morning than usual because of the excitement of summer, the other because she is, well, two years old.

Despite my inward woes, I have been putting a brave, somewhat normal front and starting summer off quite well. Auntie Anne and grandma were around yesterday, and we went out to coffee, hung out at grandma’s house, and then hit up Stafford Playground in Redwood City (my favorite park, and I am pretty hard to please in that department). That is summer, right? Oh, and of course I had to relent to the ice cream truck.


We hit up Rinconada Pool in Palo Alto today. Going to the pool is so exhausting, with the kid wrangling, and the packing, making sure you have everything you need, the changing, the sunscreen, the ACTUAL SWIMMING, then the laundry (I should maybe get a second swim diaper for Alice, duh). 


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