Kitchen Issues

Maybe I am more of a baked goods kind of cook than a bread baker. My sourdough starter was initially promising, but the 2 loaves I made were so so. One of them, actually, I kneaded for about 10 minutes before I realized I needed twice as much flour. That loaf was pretty much inedible.

Then this morning I tried lemon blueberry muffins, from this recipe. I had a big bowlful of blueberries from yesterday’s farmers market, and I wanted to use them before they slowly got snacked out of existence.

I am conflicted between wanting to be in the kitchen more, and letting the kids watch TV. Alice watched a whole episode of Sesame Street while I baked. Shameful! And I am slowly embracing my need to cook without help from little kids. Breaking a few eggs or stirring a batter is okay, but I am already distracted enough while trying to follow a recipe without worrying about entertaining/enriching/teaching a five year old. Or letting a 2 year old climb and run around a hot stove or boiling water. So while I cook, for now, the TV is on.

Anyway, the muffins are SO GOOD, I could eat half a dozen in one sitting.

So I feel a little bit better about my failings in the kitchen lately.


One response to “Kitchen Issues

  1. I would like to place an order for six muffins please. BTW, I have found that I can bake with a little kid “helping” if it’s cake or bread or something like that. Cookies, or anything that needs to be portioned does not go well.

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