Well, I tried making granola bars with this recipe. It was initially promising, but after they were baked, it was crumbly and …just off. Maddy hated them. Not feeling very motivated to try that again any time soon.

So ready for going to the pool. Unfortunately the Rinconada pool was closed when we arrived there yesterday, and won’t be open full time for another two weeks. So basically we drove all the way to Palo Alto to eat our picnic lunch.

Motivated to hang a clothesline, but not quite sure how to go about it.

Still haven’t tried making yogurt.

Bought a bunch of grains and nuts in my new reusable produce/bulk bags, but was kind of overwhelmed. Pretty much bought things for the granola bars.

Made a starter for sourdough bread, but so far it is just stinky and rather scary.

Just cooked dinner for the girls, and neither of them hardly ate any of it.

Tired and hot. I want to keel over, actually.


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