Library Outing

Today Madeline, Alice and I headed over the the Children’s Library. I feel slightly guilty about driving to Palo Alto just to go to a library, but this one is my favorite. At a regular library, I can’t really look in adult sections anyway, and in some ways I enjoy children’s books just as much. I don’t need to worry about bothering other patrons by reading aloud above a whisper, or having to chase Alice down in the lobby over and over again. There is also a lovely yard in the back with a wishing well, which Maddy likes to traipse around.

Maddy is reading to herself now. I still read to her, but she can just as easily read them silently. Today she grabbed a book from the shelf, plopped down and read through it. Then switched with her sister, and read that one too.

Alice, too, picked out a book, sat down, and “read” aloud, with nonsense words. It was pretty cute, I have to admit.

Later on, a girl maybe three years old picked out a book and sat with me. We looked at the book together while Maddy and Alice were busy on their own. My mom used to tell me that one of the few things my dad enjoyed doing with us as small children was read to us. I can never say no to a kid handing me a book to read.


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