green project

After days and days of thinking, reading, gathering…I have finally made my own pot of moss.

I was inspired by TheOakLeaves, an etsy shop creating and selling tiny, perfect glass jars of green.

My terrarium has, from bottom to top:

  1. rocks from the rock garden outside of the house,
  2. aquarium pebbles,
  3. charcoal pellets,
  4. a few inches of organic potting soil,
  5. Australian violets and Irish moss.

I wish I hadn’t made the bottom layer so thick, because I need quite a bit of soil to plant the greenery, and the violets are a bit squished under the lid. I sprinkled some water into it and placed the top on, and the humidity inside the jar will cause the water to cling to the glass, creating it’s own little habitat.

So, we will see how this works. Overall I am quite happy with it!


One response to “green project

  1. What a great idea! I love the look of all the layers and of couse green is ALWAYS attractive! (:

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