J, CC?

Alice and Maddy have gotten to the stage where all Alice wants to do is mimic her big sissy, and Maddy is hating it. STOP COPYING ME. I had to tell Maddy about how MY little sister even followed me to the same college. That shut her up.

It is so cute though, Alice giving Maddy sidelong glances to study her posture, then nudging herself right next to her to do the same thing. Her favorite thing to do in Maddy’s classroom is to sit along side all the big kids on the rug and look up at the teacher. And she will never say no to strapping Maddy’s big backpack on like a packhorse (it is always light with scraps of paper and empty lunchbags).

I am afraid Maddy and Alice, like my sister and I, will never be very close. Already Maddy refuses to hug Alice, or hold her hand, and has no patience or attention for her other than what is commanded. “You’re her BIG SISTER, she LOVES you.” I hear what comes out of my mouth and hear my mother.

“Spray me Alice! Spray me!”

For a while there Alice would automatically say “JAY CEE CEE” when Maddy coughed, or sneezed, etc. It took me days of hearing this before Maddy (who is the best Alice translator) told me it meant “Are you ok, sissy?”


One response to “J, CC?

  1. Hi. My mother is an only child and as such, so very much wanted my brother and I to be best friends. Growing up we weren’t at all. It wasn’t until I was an adult that I was able to see our mom got involved when she shouldn’t have, pitted us against each other, and all around caused it to take until we’d both moved out of our parent’s house to become friends. We’ve been close ever since.

    I hope Maddy and Alice get there some day also.

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