“I Feel Bad About My Blog”

Apologies to Nora Ephron.

But I DO. I look at people’s beautiful blogs (just looked through this one, which is so fantastic) and I admit defeat before even trying. It’s an issue. But I am leaving the heavy topics, such as dead babies, to others.


I just got some perfectly ugly stuff in the mail which I am adoring. Have you ever tried to take a picture of your ear? I have.

Thanks to which, I now feel bad about my ear. So damn ugly. These cheap, old earrings that I am currently wearing and loving are from day-lab, useful for all your old ugly dead stock needs. They are so pepperminty, and are perfect for a black tee and chucks.

Another find from day-lab:

My heart skipped a beat when I spotted this beauty. An “Alice” heart pendant! With rainbow! Of course, the clasp of the chain broke as soon as I tried to put it on.

And the biggie:

Found it on Mid West Vintage on Etsy. I know puffs and ruffles are probably a no-no on broad shoulders, but I couldn’t help it! And I would love to have a scrub top just like this sans the ruffles – I don’t think I could go to work with a straight face in this.


One response to ““I Feel Bad About My Blog”

  1. What an incredibly nice thing to say about my blog

    :: blushing ::

    And your ugly finds are, uh, unique. (at least I’m really hoping that they are).

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