baby art class

Alice and I go to art class once a week. It is WAY better than last session’s “Dancing Boogie Babies,” where I was forced to get dizzy running around in a circle  while Alice whined to be picked up. The instructor also was young and not very effectual. The teacher in this art class is EXCELLENT. The kids go to 5 different stations based on a theme – this week it was fish. One station is always playdough. There is a lot of gluing, sprinkling, and punching of holes.

Alice isn’t really dying to go to this class either, but at least she doesn’t cling. Her favorite things so far seem to be drizzling glue onto paper and soaking her arms in the bucket of soapy water.

The last 10 minutes we do a few songs in a circle. Alice grabs a square of carpet and sits down, her legs sticking out in front. She does the same thing when she goes into Maddy’s classroom – sits on a spot on the circle rug and looks up expectantly. She loves being a big kid.


One response to “baby art class

  1. That’s damn cute.

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