Day 2 of the TV Diet

So, I think we did pretty well today. After her nap, Alice watched one episode of “Kipper” on PBS Sprout On Demand, a show that I love anyway. That would have been it for the day, but at my mom’s later we ended up watching “Dragon Tales,” which I used to loathe but now can tolerate. The only reason we watched it was because my mom offered to turn it on because I was so tired, and, well…I don’t know how that relates, other than to my mom I guess rest = TV. It was just like being on a (food) diet and trying to say no to someone shoving chocolate cake in your face. No wonder I can never lose weight.

So, an hour of PBS cartoons in a day isn’t THAT bad. Maddy only got half an hour. She still hasn’t begged for TV or anything, but we were out and about all afternoon anyway. I’m really glad it has been pretty easy so far (at least for the kids – my TV watching when they are in bed ain’t that great).


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