not all brown thumb

When I was in kindergarten, our class did the usual necessary project of planting a seed. My single-serving milk carton full of dirt and sprout sat on a window sill in St. Louis, and every day I would pour a medicine cup of water into it and marvel at it’s growth.

When we moved back to San Francisco, naturally I worried about this little plant. I pictured keeping it in the back window of our Toyota Corolla on our road trip west. My mom wasn’t having it, and declared her friend would take it off our hands and keep it safe. Now I wonder…

Why do I still get so excited about sprouting seeds? In the garden of the San Jose Discovery Museum last week the kids planted seeds in their own newspaper pots. Wrapped in plastic and placed in the sun, they create their own little greenhouses.

It has been about a week, and the huge bean and tiny sunflower seeds are already growing. I pull them down all excited and show Maddy their progress. At this point, I think I have more interest.

When they get big enough, they can be planted, newspaper and all, into the garden. Brilliant!


One response to “not all brown thumb

  1. How ae your seedlings today? Got any new pics?

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